Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick



Wow…I mean…wow this was impeccably disappointing. I’m so sorry that I have the nerve to do this but…yeah.

This book started out so well. SO. DAMN. WELL. It was grim, foreboding, and at many times was in the edge of the seat excitement…then around Chapter 15 I really could not stand this book anymore. Rick Deckard, our main protagonist and bounty hunter for androids, falls in love with one for like one sentence and sleeps with her…then wishes to marry her afterwards. WTF?!

The strange part about the ending is how theological it was. I don’t know if Philip K. was a Christian or not, but in a book like this, it was completely unnecessary (and incredibly weird to say the least).

What I find strange about all this is why Philip K. Dick didn’t just make this a long short story or a novella. I don’t know why he thought it was necessary to add an extra 130 so pages of blah blah blah until the end. It literally felt like he was just using filler until it all ended. It felt like this:

There were androids hiding, hiding in this guy’s apartment for about 70 pages and then get scared and then the bounty hunter finds them and kills them all in just one page and then he flies off and meets this guy named Mercer (aka God) and then thinks he finds a toad on the Oregon border and then realizes it’s not real and then his wife orders food for the toad and then-”


To sum it up: This book starts off great, but to fully enjoy it, call it quits at the end of Chapter 14. I know, I hate it when people don’t finish their books and judge, but to fully appreciate it just read the first half. Did I like this book? Not at all…barely. But is it rubbish? No, it’s not.


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