HECK: Where the Bad Kids Go by Dale E. Bayse



Man…what the HECK is up with this book? (See what I did there? Didn’t laugh? I don’t blame you…but guess what? The puns in this book are just as unbearable)! Albeit a very clever idea with a kiddie purgatory and all, the execution of this book is so outrageous and all over the map I felt a tear trickle down my cheek while reading it.

The only parts that made me laugh was the part where it talks about Lizzy Borden and Nixon teaching kids in hell. I didn’t laugh at what I was supposed to laugh at, but was instead wondering why the HECK the author chose Nixon as a hellish teacher instead of thousands of other evil historical figures (like Attila or Genghis Khan for examples). Lizzie Borden was a good choice but NIXON!? Also, why are they going to school is purgatory? This makes not sense whatsoever. Since they behaved badly up in Earth (and they weren’t even that bad), why are they going to school that’s teaching them to be a-holes? What the flipping HECK??? (I gotta stop with these puns). Purgatory in Christian mythology was a place where you went temporarily to be cleansed of your sins before ascending into Heaven…so going to school taught by a-holes to teach kids to be even bigger a-holes does not make a lick of sense.

This would have been a very good book of it was written better and the puns weren’t so stupid! (Instead of Beelzebub, we get Bee L.S Bubb or something like that). The jokes can even stoop so low they’re going back to early elementary school toilet humor. I remember one quote in the book was “We gotta move these kids or else we’ll be more clogged up than Bee L.S Bubb’s toilet!” Funny, right? Hahahaha……no.

Overall, this book is not very good. I’ll be polite and put it that way. I read it six years ago and tried to read it again. Hated it as much as I did when I was 10.

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