About the Blogger


Erin Rose Latta dedicated this blog mostly in the genres or Surrealism, Sci-Fi, Horror, Pre-Victorian Lit, Realistic Fiction, and some Graphic Novels and Memoirs thrown into the mix. However, she will review anything and everything. If you are returning to the site, then welcome again, friend. If you’re new here, then come in stranger, and welcome to The Glass Rose blog.

Erin currently resides in Portland, Oregon. At the moment she is trying to balance her life out with studying for the GED while being a student at a Graphic Design while school books keep piling up in her room from binge buys at Powell’s Book Store. If you see a girl in a blue sweater and silver ball necklace, it’s her, poking throughout the store.

Erin’s ideal evenings are curling far beneath some blankets and quilts reading a good book, lasting for hours until she sees the time and realize she should have fallen asleep hours ago…and rarely does she follow this rule. Her favorite books genres are probably surreal and sci-fi, but she is also a junkie for spooky stories and good graphic novels.

When Erin is not reading, she’s visiting food carts, shopping way too much on Etsy and Amazon, writing short stories, cooking fatty meals, hanging out at Powell’s, and trying hundreds of DIY projects from Pinterest, only to find out later that it’s a 50% chance that it’ll be a dud…but continue she does, and shall.